Your Galentine’s Day Guide

Your Galentine’s Day Guide

Gather your girlfriends and celebrate the best day of the year — Galentine’s Day! The new February 13th holiday may not be on the federal calendar yet, but ladies worldwide observe it. You can thank a 13-year-old TV show for giving us this day when girls celebrate girls. Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope explained the holiday on “Parks and Recreation,” and it caught on quickly in the real world, with women everywhere spending the day with their besties. If you’re planning a get-together, these tips will help you have a great time and make lasting memories.

Planning and Preparation

Get started by planning and preparing for your fun day. First, do you want to have a theme? You certainly don’t have to since Galentine’s Day is its own theme, but it can be exciting to amp up the joy. You could follow Leslies’ example from the TV show and host a brunch, a sleepover, a pizza feast, an ‘80s night, a wine and cheese night—or poll your friends to help you decide.

Once you have a theme, determine which day to celebrate. Since Galentine’s is on a Tuesday this year, you could do it the weekend before if it’s more convenient. Send invitations that you can design yourself using an online template or a virtual invite. Finally, decorate with pink hearts, streamers, and a banner that celebrates your theme and tie it all together!

Fun for Everyone

It wouldn’t be a true Galentine’s Day without celebrating your love for your girl gang! Start by making cards for each other, expressing gratitude and affirmations for your ladies. Set up a station with card paper, gel pens, and stickers or cutouts. You can make cards to exchange with your guests or for other friends who couldn’t be there.

Next, you can create an activity or game to get the laughs and memories flowing! Ask the gals to bring their favorite board games, change Valentine’s Day games to fit your theme, or try these chick-flick-inspired ideas. An easy and fun game is Would You Rather. Print cards with the questions or have everyone write one down when they arrive and pick them from a bowl. You could even go old-school, bake a few desserts, and decorate in all hues of red and pink!

Snacks and Drinks

Don’t forget the snacks and drinks! Put together this pretty White Chocolate-Strawberry Snack Mix to munch on all night, and make these Champagne Truffles for a special treat. When it comes to drinks, everyone is sure to adore French Kiss 75 cocktails as an alternative to the usual choices. If you have a group of classic ladies, you can never go wrong with a wine night, though!

Celebrate Your Friendships

Ultimately, Galentine’s is all about celebrating your friendships by getting together to talk, laugh, and make new memories. Show your love with words of affirmation and share your stories of favorite pastimes, how you became friends, and what you’re looking forward to in the future. There is nothing like a night with your girlfriends to nourish the soul!

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