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Booming Growth in Celina, TX

As Celina, Texas, continues to expand rapidly, the landscape is bustling with the sights and sounds of development—new storefronts for residents to enjoy and changes in traffic flow for maximum...
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National Barbecue Month is Here!

May is National Barbecue Month, where the smell of smoked meat and the grill's warmth symbolize the onset of summer across America. This month takes on special significance in the heart of Texas,...
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Save the Date: Upcoming Local Events

Get ready to mark your calendars, fellow Celina neighbors! We are thrilled to bring you a sneak peek into some of the most anticipated local events that promise to make your upcoming weeks more...
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Play at Celina’s Parks

It is no secret that nature’s embrace intertwines with the heartbeat of Celina. From rejuvenating strolls along scenic trails to vibrant community gatherings, the local parks serve as more than...
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Coming Soon to Celina: Honey Creek Venues

Are you planning to tie the knot with your special someone soon?! Look no further for the perfect location for your wedding celebration because it’ll be here in Celina! Honey Creek Venues is coming...
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Meet Celina ISD

In Celina, TX, education isn’t just a curriculum — it is a vibrant community commitment. Celina Independent School District is home to the bobcats and has provided more than 120 years of...
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Feature: Builder Team

The Parks at Wilson Creek is growing, and the excitement is building! The finest Builder Team in DFW is crafting new homes right now, and more are on the way. Our Team builds high-quality, modern...
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Feature: Celina Public Library

Living connected to your community is an excellent way to find happiness in this fast-paced world — the Celina Public Library is a great place to make those connections. The library is a spot where...
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