Local Breakfast Spots to Kickstart Your Day

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Local Breakfast Spots to Kickstart Your Day

Surely you’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why it’s so important? We need to fuel our tanks a few hours after waking to have the energy to tackle each day. Whether you are in a hurry and need something on the go or want to treat yourself, here’s the 411 on the best local places to kick start your day — and why you shouldn’t skip breakfast!

Breakfast Benefits

Eating breakfast soon after you wake up has several benefits. Studies show that when you eat breakfast daily, you improve heart health, lower diabetes risk, and reduce brain fog. You’ll also think with increased clarity and be more focused. In fact, kids who eat breakfast every day improve their academic performance and attention span. However, that’s not a license to gobble donuts and sugary cereal — strive to eat fiber-rich foods and lean protein, and avoid a midday crash by limiting coffee.

Celina Star Cafe

Find your breakfast bliss at Celina Star Cafe downtown, where you’ll find traditional eats like omelets, corned beef hash, and burritos alongside modern dishes like Crab Cake Benny and Philly Cheesesteak Skillets. This cafe offers unique takes on old favorites and new creations you can’t find anywhere else. They offer protein-packed breakfasts along with sugary treats, like Oreo Pancakes and Reese’s Peanut Butter Waffles.

Legacy Bagels

If you haven’t had a true New York-style bagel, then you are missing absolute bagel perfection. Head over to Legacy Bagels in Prosper any morning to get a fresh, made-from-scratch bagel that’s hand-rolled, perfectly boiled, and baked until crispy outside and chewy inside with sweet and savory flavors like jalapeno cheddar, everything, and asiago so you can choose one that suits your mood or get a baker’s dozen to share (or not).

Summer Moon

Summer Moon Coffee is your go-to if you want to enjoy a cup of wood-fired-roasted coffee with your breakfast. Located in downtown Celina, this eatery roasts organic coffee beans over an open flame using Texas oak wood. Can you smell the cozy campfire scent as you sip your coffee with a bagel or egg bites? Remember to savor it so you don’t get wired and crash later! You can get a latte, an espresso, an iced coffee, a nitro cold brew, and even keto coffee.

The Nook CKMC

When you just can’t get up and go before brunch time, The Nook CKMC in Celina has you covered. There, you can find unique meals and coffee made from freshly ground beans. Try the Breakfast Flatbread or Breakfast Pasta for an unusual meal, or have a taco, bowl, or burrito with a latte, cappuccino, or espresso.

You have all these options and more when you live at The Parks at Wilson Creek. You can make breakfast in your incredible kitchen or enjoy a drive to a local restaurant. Contact us today to find your morning bliss in a gorgeous new home.